About Us

are our story. As a consumer of our coffee, you have helped put a smile on our farmers' faces.
Solai means joy. We founded Solai Coffee to deliver delight in a cup—"one sip, That’s it." instant joy! 

Our company, Solai Coffee, is a farmer-owned business. As the face of our farming community, we focus on the ethics of equitable value distribution and socioeconomic empowerment. Our coffee is single-origin, thus increasing traceability and transparency. Solai Coffee focuses on doing direct business with the farmer, eliminating the middleman, and compensating the farmer fairly.

According to research, between 20% and 30% of coffee farms are female-operated. Women provide up to 70% of the labor in coffee production yet have lower access to resources, such as land, credit, and information, than men, creating a broad gender imbalance. Therefore, our focus on socioeconomic empowerment entails developing programs and opportunities for women and young people to thrive and grow. We aim to ensure that women and young people are at the forefront of our community initiatives.


Our mission is to develop a direct trade business that ensures the following:

  1. Quality coffee to consumers at a fair price.
  2. Fair farmer compensation. 
  3. Sustainable community initiatives.

Our Northstar is visible. Our journey is set, our mission and vision is our guardrail to our destiny when everyone is fairly compensated.


Be a reputable coffee import business that focuses on the ethics of equitable value distribution and social-economic empowerment.


Trust | Transparency | Empathy, Inclusivity | Fairness | Consistency | Sustainability