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Brewing Change​.

At Solai Coffee, we are more than just a coffee company. We are on a mission to brew change and make a positive impact on the world. Through every sip of our coffee, we're dedicated to creating a ripple effect of goodness that touches lives and communities globally. Here's how we're brewing change 

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Commitment and staying the course


Community + Collaboration


We have the moral obligation to do right for the planet. 

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We will match 20% to go towards paying fees for orphaned kids in our community

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By choosing Solai Coffee, you're not just enjoying exceptional coffee—you're joining a movement for positive change. Together, let's brew a better world, one cup at a time. 

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Support Dada

1 in 10 girls miss school because of menstruating. This is our initiative that ensures that no girl misses out on school because they cannot afford feminine hygiene products

Mental Health Corner

We have noticed that many young men in our community are succumbing to alcoholism due to lack of opportunities. Through experts, we are offering classes on how to handle depression, gain barista skills as well as make a profitable living through farming


Non Profit Organization

Establish a non-profit foundation dedicated to community initiatives, utilizing structured and systematic approaches to achieve our goals. Through strategic fundraising efforts, we will secure the necessary capital to support our mission and make a meaningful impact within the community. This foundation will serve as a vehicle for organizing and implementing initiatives that address key needs and foster sustainable development, ensuring our efforts are impactful and enduring.

Coffee Expo

Expos, trade shows, and sponsorship events like 1Million Cups Orlando have been pivotal in the journey of Solai Coffee. These events provide essential exposure, allowing us to share our story as advocates for small-scale farmers. Building relationships is fundamental in the coffee industry, and we dedicate 80% of our efforts to developing these connections. Although attending such events can be costly, they offer invaluable opportunities to engage with global producers and consumers, fostering innovation and ideologies that drive the next level of our business and impact.

Boots on the Ground Tours 

 Boots on the Ground tours at Solai Farms began in 2021, aiming to conduct at least one origin trip per year. These tours inspire our farmers, showing them that their hard work is valued globally. Visitors' presence boosts their motivation and hope for better opportunities. Eventually, we plan to expand into farm tourism, with all proceeds supporting our community initiatives. We appreciate our guests for affirming our resilience, determination, and vision to remain a key player in the global coffee industry.

Community Wet Pulping Station

In 2020, we launched a transformative project to install a wet pulping station at Liwani Estate, aiming to create efficiency and reduce post-harvest losses. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to investing in technology to enhance sustainability and minimize waste. The station is open for community use, empowering local farmers to improve their coffee quality and streamline their processes. By providing access to advanced processing facilities, Solai Coffee is making a significant impact on the livelihoods of farmers, fostering growth, and promoting sustainable practices.

We Are In Good Hands

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