Kenya Specialty AA
Kenya AA is a premium coffee bean renowned for its exceptional quality and complex flavor profile. Its fruity & floral. Bold and bright flavors. Experience notes of blackcurrant and citrus.
14.00 14.0 USD
Kenya Specialty PB
Indulge in the unique flavor of Kenya Specialty Peaberry Coffee, a rare and exceptional coffee with an intense aroma.
14.00 14.0 USD
Kenya Farmers Blend
Savor the perfect balance of flavors and acidity in our Kenya Farmers Blend, a harmonious combination of our premium Kenyan coffees. Experience the blend today!
12.00 12.0 USD
Kenya Specialty Coffee Pods
Discover our premium K-cup coffee pods, expertly roasted and designed for ultimate convenience and taste. Buy now!
12.00 12.0 USD
Simba Coffee Bundle
Indulge in the finest Kenyan coffee flavors with our Specialty AA and rare Peaberry blend. Experience an exquisite taste journey - buy now!
25.00 25.0 USD
Kenya Specialty AA - Subscription
Kenya Specialty AA Monthly Subscription. FREE SHIPPING
17.00 17.0 USD per month
Kenya Specialty PB - Subscription
Indulge in finest Kenya Specialty PB with convenient Solai Coffee subscription. Freshly roasted, delivered. Subscribe today!
17.00 17.0 USD per month
Kenya Farmers Blend - Subscription
A carefully crafted blend of our top four Kenyan Coffee grades to create a harmonious balance of flavors. FREE SHIPPING
15.00 15.0 USD per month
Kenya Specialty Coffee Pods - Subscription
Each box contains 12 pods compatible with all k-cup brewers, including 1.0 & 2.0 Keurig. 

Get 2 boxes every Month for only 25.99

25.99 25.99 USD per month
Kenya Specialty Sampler Pack
Discover diverse Kenyan flavors in Solai Coffee's Specialty Sampler Pack. Freshly roasted. Buy the ultimate taste experience!
20.00 20.0 USD
Coffee & Storage Bundle
Elevate your coffee with Solai's Bundle. Includes freshly roasted beans and airtight storage. Purchase the perfect pair!
45.00 45.0 USD
Campers Bundle (Coffee & Doubleshot Mug)
Fuel your outdoor adventures with our Campers Bundle, featuring premium Kenyan coffee and a double-shot camp mug. Brew fresh coffee on-the-go - buy now!
53.99 53.99 USD
Jumbo Bundle (Coffee, Canister & Mug)
Elevate your coffee experience with our premium Kenyan beans, a stylish storage canister, and a double-shot mug. Indulge in convenience and flavor - buy now!
83.99 83.99 USD
Airscape® Stainless Steel Storage
Keep your coffee fresh and flavorful with this canister. Its airtight design preserves the aroma and taste. Elevate your coffee experience - buy now!
27.00 27.0 USD
Airscape® Glass w/ Bamboo Lid
Keep coffee fresh with Airscape® Glass w/ Bamboo Lid from Solai. Airtight storage for maximum freshness. Shop now!
32.00 32.0 USD
Fuel your outdoor adventures with the DoubleShot3.0 camp mug. Its durable, insulated design keeps your coffee hot. Enjoy premium coffee on-the-go - buy now!
42.00 42.0 USD
Travel Coffee Press – OVRLNDR®
Brew fresh, flavorful coffee on your adventures with the Travel Coffee Press. Its compact, durable design is perfect for camping trips. Buy now!
50.00 50.0 USD
Basecamp Camping French Press
Savor fresh, delicious outdoor coffee with BaseCamp French Press. A rugged, portable design ideal for camping. Upgrade your outdoor coffee ritual - buy now!
59.99 59.99 USD
ethoz® FLASK French Press
Brew rich, full-bodied coffee on-the-go with the Ethoz Flask French Press. Its double-walled vacuum insulation keeps your coffee hot for hours. Experience premium coffee anywhere - buy now!
90.00 90.0 USD
e-Gift Card
Share the gift of exceptional coffee with Solai Coffee's e-Gift Card. Perfect for any coffee lover. Purchase now!
25.00 25.0 USD