Meet the Team

Peter Kuria is a business developer who has worked with different software development companies and wants to transfer the knowledge and experienced in this industries to transform how farmers do business.

Peter Kuria 

Founder & CEO

I am a second-generation farmer. As far as I can remember, my dreams have been about growing/expanding my parents' coffee business and changing the face of the Kenyan farmer. On average, Kenyan farmers are in their 60s, and the youth is not represented since it is viewed as a traditional business. My goal is to (re)introduce young farmers to the farm by giving them the education, resources, and technology to grow and expand beyond the Kenyan borders. 
Growing up, I knew I did not want to be a part of the commodities business.  I wanted to create a business model where the farmers were compensated fairly for their coffee. I have also closely followed the coffee industry and realized that every person in the value chain gets paid reasonably except for the farmer. That’s why I founded Solai Coffee. Solai creates a direct trade relationship with the individual farmers and negotiates a fair price for the coffee. By doing so, our farmers are empowered to produce coffee without sacrificing quality.

Lameck Omariba is a Program manager with a close focus to education and ensuring every child gets an opportunity to learn. He is is the Secretary for Mkida

Lameck Omariba

Co-Founder & COO

I was born and raised in a small coffee and tea farming village on the western side of Kenya. Growing up, I was involved in coffee farming, helping my parents with tasks around the farm, including coffee cherry-picking and going to the coffee processing factories, which were co-ops owned. In other words, “Kahawa is Life” (Coffee is life). 
I grew up in an era where coffee farmers were underpaid. This is more evident in the small-scale farming business, with a broad representation of women and the youth. As the co-founder of Solai Coffee, one of my goals is to ensure women are empowered through fair compensation and access to education and resources. The effect is extraordinary because new opportunities for women will empower the community. In turn, children will have an opportunity to stay in school and thus end child labor and trafficking. 

Monica Kuria

Co-Founder & Public Relations 

My introduction to coffee started at a very young age. When we visited my grandparents, we got a chance to make a few shillings a day by picking coffee. At that time, I did not view it as work since I got to hang out with my grandpa and still make extra money. My passion for coffee was ignited when I met my husband. Almost every conversation came back to coffee - at first it took some getting used especially since I was not a keen coffee drinker (think of instant coffee instead of French press kinda girl) but now those conversations are something I look forward to. 

While I may not be a coffee connoisseur like my husband, my heart swells with pride when I think of the impact Solai Coffee has on the farmers and the community. Each bag of Solai Coffee you purchase is a direct contribution to the lives of the farmers, mothers, and youth of Solai. As a mother myself, I deeply understand the transformative power of empowering women. This is why I am not just passionate, but truly committed to what Solai stands for. 

It's important to acknowledge the milestones we've reached on this journey. Our customers, you, have played a significant role in allowing us to dream big and strive for excellence. One of our proudest achievements is our boots-on-the-ground program, which directly connects consumers with the farmers of Solai. This initiative has been instrumental in fostering genuine connections between the farmers and our customers. By organizing trips to Liwani, Wagika, and other nearby coffee farms, we are able to showcase the transformative power of every cup of Solai Coffee.

John Kuria, Director of Sourcing and Marketing at Solai Coffee LLC

John Kuria

Director of Sourcing and Marketing

Coffee has been a part of my life and journey. I was born and raised on a coffee farm and have been involved in coffee all my life. I am a second-generation farmer, and as the last born of a family of five, coffee is a part of who I am. Although farming was what my parents did, I knew I wanted to change the future outlook of coffee farmers. I wanted to ensure that producers of the best coffee are compensated fairly to continue producing and improving their farming practices. To be a change maker, I must be highly knowledgeable in coffee farming and marketing.

Not only have I experienced inequity and a lack of women and youth empowerment, but I have also seen unethical and ineffective coffee farming practices. At Solai, I aim to ensure transparency and traceability when sourcing quality coffee. This guarantees not only great-tasting coffee for our customers but also promises competitive prices for our farmers.

I enjoy working closely with farmers and helping them with farming practices and marketing logistics. My role is to help reduce the friction between farmers and consumers. By learning the industry standards and liaising information with farmers, Solai can give back to the community through education and other regenerative agriculture initiatives.

The journey is just beginning, but I believe my background as a cupper, roaster, brand ambassador, and all-around “coffee lover”; will benefit our farmers in producing the best coffee and challenge the market to compensate fairly.