Our Trip to Kenya Coffee Farms.

Coffee farms in Kenya.
May 16, 2023 by
Our Trip to Kenya Coffee Farms.
Solai Coffee LLC, Peter Kuria
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In December 2021, we took the time to visit Kenya for the holidays.
Nairobi capital city of Kenya

During this time, we had the opportunity to visit the coffee farms and interact with multiple farmers. This visit allowed us to be involved in the coffee conversations between farmers and consumers. It was a great opportunity to share feedback from our coffee consumers with the farmers who supply us with coffee. Such great feedback encourages them to keep up their passion and commitment to maintaining high farming standards, guaranteeing high-quality coffee for your cup. 

Solai coffee team and farmers pose for an image in a coffee miller.
Solai Coffee visited Kenya Coffee farms in Nakuru Region.

During this time, we also had the opportunity to continue accessing the challenges our farmers face in coffee production at full capacity. Unfortunately, we learned that there were several unaddressed issues. However, many problems result from farmers needing more compensation for their input into the coffee production business. 

The coffee business is capital-intensive, and more resources are required for success. Much of this money is lost when we have so many intermediaries in the supply chain, which our direct trade model resolves. It was a great time at the coffee farms interacting with farmers, and we wanted to share the joy with you. The pictures capture the processes from tree to cup. The highlight is the milling process, which many of us do not get to see. Please enjoy and help us in our mission to connect our farmers with consumers.

Our Trip to the Coffee farms in Nakuru region in Kenya.

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Our Trip to Kenya Coffee Farms.
Solai Coffee LLC, Peter Kuria May 16, 2023
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