Tips For Brewing a cup of Specialty Coffee

How to brew a perfect cup of coffee?
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Tips For Brewing a cup of Specialty Coffee
Solai Coffee LLC, Peter Kuria
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“Coffee can have quite an explosive taste if brewed perfectly”. In this article, Solai Coffee takes you through different brewing methods to help you achieve a perfect cup and some tips and tricks that will land you there.

Brewing Methods for Coffee

  • The pour-over

This classic coffee brewing method does not incorporate machinery because it involves gently running hot water over coffee grounds. This soft pouring lets the hot water soak and ooze into the grounds to unleash aromas and flavors. However, this method appears simple though you will require to spend on items such as a grinder, a pour-over funnel, a scale, and a gooseneck pot. This method gives you power over brewing coffee.

On a hot sunny day, you can still have coffee as a cold brew.
  • The cold brew

This brewing method allows you to enjoy Ethiopian coffee as a chilled beverage which is so refreshing. Creating a cold brewing requires little time. Coffee made this way is less acidic and smooth tasting as it does not depend on hot water.

Coffee barista enjoying making coffee using an expresso machine.
  • Espresso

Involves the use of espresso machines. While they are costly, they produce excellent and concentrated cups of coffee. The grade of the coffee depends wholly on the quality of the machine.

Brewing a fresh cup of coffee at home.
  • The French press

The French press method is economical, quick, and easy for you to make coffee. This method brews coffee by allowing hot water and coffee grounds to brew at the same time naturally in a receptacle. A metal filter plunger is employed to press coffee ground bits, isolating them from the coffee. The most amazing thing about this method is that the metal filter does not take any flavors. Thus the coffee is full-bodied.

Aeropress is a type of coffee brewing tool.
  • Aeropress

This brewing method is becoming popular with coffee lovers because it is cheap and has a lightweight setup ideal for outdoor outings and camping. Aeropress applies hand pressure to compel the hot water over coffee beans to brew. 

Tips for Making a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Below is a guide to creating a perfect cup of coffee for all coffee lovers. Saves you not only money but also time!

  • Buy Fresh Coffee Beans

If you want to make coffee of high quality, you should obtain freshly roasted coffee beans. Older coffee beans are likely to give you oily and bitter results. Experts recommend buying coffee beans whose roast date ranges between 2weeks to one month.

  • Develop a High-Quality Coffee Grinder

To prepare a perfect cup of coffee, you must develop a coffee grinder device. It is important to grind your beans because within 15 minutes after grinding, they begin to oxidize and age. Depending on your taste preferences, you can grind your beans into fine or coarse ground. If you like your coffee caffeinated, you should choose coarse ground, but a finer grind is your choice if you like it sweet.

  • Select the Best Brewing method.

Choosing a high-quality brewing machine to give you the best results would be best. There are some popular brewing devices that you can utilize, and they include the French press, Chemex, Espresso, and Aeropress. You should know that each of the above machines brings about different results.

  • Temperature and Water Quality

Consider the amount and quality of water that work up the coffee beans. The water you use should not contain minerals as it affects the quality of the coffee made. The coffee will be bitter if you pour water at a high temperature. The temperature must be higher than 205 degrees.

  • Extraction Time

If you brew your coffee for too long, it will become bitter. Brewing it for a little time results in a weaker brew with a sour taste.

There is great satisfaction in building good tools for other people to use.

Tips For Brewing a cup of Specialty Coffee
Solai Coffee LLC, Peter Kuria May 16, 2023
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