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Our Specialty Coffee Route - From Farm to Table
February 23, 2024 by
Gladys Kyule
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Ever wondered about the journey of your morning cup of coffee? Where do the beans originate? How are the hardworking farmers compensated, and who operates during this complex process of the coffee supply chain? These questions peel back the layers of the coffee industry, unveiling the significance of fair trade and farm-direct models in fostering sustainable coffee production. 

Join us on a journey to understand the role of fair trade and farm-direct models and the importance of sustainable practices in coffee cultivation in shaping the industry's future.

What is Farm-Direct Coffee Sourcing?

Farm-direct coffee sourcing, also known as direct trade or farm-to-cup sourcing, is a practice within the coffee industry where coffee roasters or buyers establish direct relationships with coffee farmers or cooperatives at the origin of coffee production. 

This approach bypasses traditional coffee trading channels, such as auctions or intermediaries, and allows for a more direct and transparent relationship between the coffee producer and the buyer.

We are a Farm-Direct Business

Solai Coffee's Farm-Direct model stands as a beacon of sustainability in the coffee industry, the face of the farming community in Kenya. 

An infographic titled 'Farm Direct Route Model' depicts Solai Coffee's sourcing process from farm to consumer.Farm- direct model route infographic 

Here's how farm-direct coffee sourcing typically works

  • Establishing Relationships

Solai Coffee has established direct relationships with coffee farmers like the Liwani coffee estate and Wagika farm.

Meet our farmers

  • Transparent Pricing

Through direct communication, buyers and farmers negotiate fair and sustainable prices for both parties. We ensure that farmers receive a higher income for their coffee by paying higher premiums above the market prices.

  • Quality Assurance

Solai Coffee works closely with farmers to ensure they meet quality standards throughout coffee production. We provide training and resources to farmers to improve cultivation, harvesting, and processing practices.

  • Traceability

Direct trade relationships often prioritize traceability, allowing buyers to trace the journey of the coffee beans from the specific farm or cooperative to the final consumer. We provide consumers with information about the origin of the coffee and the people involved in its production. Refer to the single-origin blog link above.

  • Quality and Flavor

By working closely with farmers and ensuring high-quality standards, direct trade relationships have resulted in unique and high-quality coffee beans with distinct flavor profiles that reflect the terroir and cultivation practices of the specific region.

  • Empowering Coffee Farmers

Farm direct sourcing has a positive impact on coffee-producing communities by providing stable income to farmers, supporting sustainable agricultural practices, and investing in social development projects such as education, healthcare, and improving livelihood in the community.

Meet Everlyn Nashipae, Journalist, CEO Nashipae Foundation

So impressive is the work at Solai Coffee to have caught the eye of the one and only Evelyn Nashipae, a journalist, content creator, and owner of the Nash Talk Network platform. 

In her delightful series "Nash Talk," Miss Nashipae focuses on the impactful stories and current affairs concerning Africans living in foreign lands, especially America. Her commitment to empowering the marginalized African child goes beyond the media. 

Miss Nashipae is also a figure of hope and empowerment through the Nashipae Foundation, an organization that advocates for the girl child's education in Kenya. 

In a recent interview with the Solai CEO, Peter Kuria, Nashipae is impressed by the work done at Solai Coffee and how a farmer's boy grew up to realize his father's dream of exporting coffee.

From a Farmer's Boy to a World Class Entrepreneur

In a Nash Talk interview, "From a Farmer's Boy to a World Class Entrepreneur," with Evelyn, the CEO reveals how Farm-Direct continues a long-term vision of ensuring fair and reasonable compensation of Kenyan farmers as one of the critical methods of securing the future. 

When asked about the inspiration behind Solai coffee, 

Peter notes 

I noticed a huge gap between a farmer's compensation and what Americans were paying for the product." 

Peter, now a husband and father of two, grew up among coffee farmers, gaining first-hand insight into the issues affecting the industry's sustainability.

"Only this time, sustainability was the cornerstone of every operation. Despite facing stiff competition even in the local market, we have used the outstanding quality of Kenyan coffee beans to rebuild a vital groundwork for introducing the product to its people and beyond." -  Peter Kuria

The CEO also mentioned, 

"We are not in the coffee business; we are in the direct trade business, where the company exists to "reduce the gap between the production and consumption sides." 

In other words, Solai Coffee enables a sustainable coffee chain where consumers can rally with their buying decisions.


Solai Coffee's Farm-Direct model epitomizes sustainability, integrity, and quality in an industry plagued by opaque supply chains. 

By embracing sustainability, direct sourcing, and farmer empowerment, Solai Coffee delivers quality coffee beans where sustainability is at the core of every brew.

Through transparency and quality, Solai Coffee tells a tale of single-origin coffee, fostering environmental sustainability and fair compensation for coffee farming communities. 

The trade model eliminates go-betweens and convoluted supply chains, promoting transparency and traceability.

Join us in redefining the coffee industry, one sustainable sip at a time.

Gladys Kyule February 23, 2024
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